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Bubbulz Adventure This is Jennifer. What’s your name? Steve. Well, hello, Steve. Mmm. Oh, I like that name. Tell me what you look like. Um Game well, I got blond hair Game And, um, I wear an earring in my left ear. About fivenine, pounds. Did I mention I’m black? Sounds very sexy, Steve. Oh, I like long, blond hair on a black man. Oh, I also got long, blonde hair. I’m not black, but I’m very, very tanned. I’m wearing black lace bra and panties that look really hot against my skin. Oh! Would you like me to take my bra off? Yes. Yes, please. Oh, my nipples are dark red. Oh, very big, very hard. Oh! Oh! I’m rubbing my breasts. Oh, it feels so good. Steve, I’m running my hands down over my body now. Oh! Oh! Slipping my thumbs inside my panties. Slip ’em in. Slip ’em in. I’m completely naked except for black stockings and high heels. Would you like me to leave them on or take them off? Take them off. Now. On. On. On. Leave them on. Why don’t you go ahead and leave them on? Steve, oh, you’re so wicked. I like it. Oh. Ooh. Oh. She likes it. She likes it. It’s so soft, so big. Oh, I just wanna touch it. You want me to touch it, don’t you, Steve? Yes. By all means, touch it. Oh, Steve. Oh, my God! Touch it, baby, touch it. Outstanding! Oh, Steve. Oh! Oh! Oh! Hide it. Everybody move. Mr. Tepper. Why am I not surprised? This is ingenious. Thanks. What’s this? Mouthwash? Oh, come on, Mr. Tepper. You expect me to believe you crawled down to the basement just to drink mouthwash? I’m trying to fight plaque. Gingivitis. Tartar buildup. I got a little Are you alone down here? Yes, sir. Where’s your roommate? Up in his room, I guess. Shit. Watch your mouth. Come on out, Mr. Bradberry. You too, Mr. Trotta. May as well come out. He was bluffing. Gesundheit. Thank you. Mr. Giles and Mr. Montoya, come out now. Or I’ll place a guard on this basement, have a bed check of the entire school. Gentlemen, I want you all in my office Game At : A.M. Sharp tomorrow morning. Go to your rooms now. Move! Not you, Billy. This you know, this is really, really ingenious.