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Darrell was drunk. He had the knife. Just to scare her, that’s all. She started to cry, like, you know, panicked sort of crying. So everything just got worse. She was sort of screaming. So he just stuck the knife in her arm, to warn her sort of thing, that’s all. But then she was screaming even more. So then Darrell says, “We’ll have to now.” Like that. And kept stabbing her. Then she was sort of dying. [Robert] And what about you, Sammy? Hmm? Why didn’t you run away? Or why didn’t you try to protect Angela? [Sammy] ‘Cause. he’s my friend. [Robert] You phoned her, didn’t you? Why did you call her? Sort of hoping she wasn’t dead. Got them. Got the ers. Superb, Joe. How good is that? Bloody magic, is that! [horn blares] [Chrissie] Why do they take it so personally? Guilt. [horn blares] [man] OK, chaps, we need to talk about the Renton case and what’s happening Thursday. [man ] Well, I’ll be seeing the DI in charge of it. [phone rings] [sighs] [Joe] Dig! Dig. [Robert] Sandra Buliegh just rang. Jason still isn’t home.