Total Games:
Star Wars – The Battle Faster
Super Red Car Rabbit
Faster Naruto Shadow Clone
Fun Monkey Happy
Best Card Keeper
Frisbee Fun Time
Magician Big Wars
Fast Harry Potter Best Dress Up
Bobby Nutcase Moto Long  Big Jump
Best  Sift Heads  Demo Version
Fast Lost At Sea
Parrots Puzzle Adventure
Kaban Sprint Adventure
Super Navy Fast Game
Hidden Space Fast Shooter
Best Mario Fast Adventure
Super Cubes Adventure
Best British Bulldog Time
Scooby Doo Monters Adventure
Headhunter The Fast Turtle
Alien War Adventure
Super Classic Walugi Adventure
Bubbulz Big Adventure
Critter Faster Escape
Fast Mario Hit
Faster Zombotron
A Sitch In Time
Strong Biochemical Crisis Time
Snowball Fast Warrior
Luigi the Fast fortress is burning