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Candy Winter house That can be dangerous. What are you talking about? Well, if she came to believe that Stargher’s world is real Game then theoretically, her mind could convince her body Game that anything that was done to it there Game is actually done. It’s like the old wives’ tale where you die in your dream Game you die in real life. Henry, could you raise the temperature in here, please? Games Dr. Kent? Games Just a moment, please. Dr. Kent, can I come in there and speak with you? We have to be patient. I mean, look at her. She’s drowsy. Let her wake up. We don’t have a lot of time. Do you understand that? Our father, who art in heaven Game hallowed be thy name. Am I interrupting anything? Is it OK if I Game He knows you’re here, doesn’t he? My friend Dr. Reid said Game that it’s very unusual Games schizophrenia, that is Games in a child that’s this young. They usually think it’s autism. What you have to understand Game is there’s nothing wrong with his body. What’s paralyzed is a part of his mind. It’s so damaged by the virus Game he can’t even will himself to move. You think you can change that? Do you believe there’s a part of yourself Game that you don’t show anybody? I think everybody has that side of themselves. During a session, when I’m inside Game I getto see those things. I feel them. With Stargher, I felt things I never want to feel again. He’s not even Carl Stargher anymore. He’s this idealized version of himself Games a king in a very, very twisted kingdom. The place for him to indulge every Game You know, I don’t want to talk about this in here. I could never do what you do Games devote myself to understanding a mind like that. I don’t think we’ll ever be able to understand a mind like that. But you try. That’s your job. I guess so. You don’t like what you do? I like it better than my old job. Used to be an attorney. I was a prosecutor. What happened? I had a case, um Game where this little girl was molested. And because of this one tiny piece of evidence Game that was tainted, he walked. Uh, Charles Gish walked away.