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Cannon Calculate capable of recording what our eye cannot, or more precisely, what our mind does not, is only used to show us tricks and falsehoods. That’s what surprises me. Do you believe professional acting contributes to these tricks and falsehoods? After all, ever since Les Dames du Bois de Boulogne, you no longer use professional actors. Of course, because it’s difficult, and even impossible, to change an actor’s nature. There’s something Chateaubriand said about thcentury poets that goes something like, “They don’t lack naturalness. They lack Nature.” In the theater, being natural is a learned skill based on carefully studied feelings. Life is life. That’s what we’re striving for. That’s our raw material. In cinema, the raw material isn’t the actor, it’s the person. Without putting anyone on the spot, I’d like you to name some actors who are natural. For example, in France, Michel Simon. He’s very natural. Yes, but once again, you’ll make me go too far game Please do. And speak my mind about acting. Acting is simply projection. An actor projects himself into the character he’s imagined, and at the same time, he’s watching himself. In a film game it’s the same thing. If an actor projects himself elsewhere, what’s left? Nothing. The character is hollow. You can often see it in closeups. The actor is absent, absent even from his own image. When you hire people who aren’t actors, who haven’t been distorted and who watch themselves less, are the results more real? The great talent, and the greatest difficulty isn’t it what we commonly call “charm” in daily life? People are charming because they aren’t aware of their charm. That’s what I’m looking for: True charm. That’s what cinema needs. That’s why cinema though I’m neither psychologist nor analyst can delve so deeply into psychology and psychoanalysis. I don’t know if it’s true, but I’ve heard you don’t give your performers the entire script. They don’t know the story they’re to be thrown into. That’s not quite correct. They have a script. What they don’t know is how they’re doing onscreen.