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Car Wheely Nothing I could do about it. The night after he was released Game Margaret’s parents came home Games that was the little girl’s name Games Margaret Sims. And they found Charles Gish sitting in their living room. He was watching television Game and Margaret was sitting next to him Game and he had cut her open right down the middle. The parents found Margaret’s heart in the freezer. Charles figured they’d probably want to keep it. After that, I left the D.A Game and joined the FBl. Figured I’d just try to catch ’em. Till now. You know, I started to tell you Game that Stargher really isn’t Stargher anymore. Well, that’s true, and it’s not. The dominant side is still this horrible thing Game but there’s a positive side that Games Positive side? Well, the way he sees himself as a child. But isn’t that him? The boy Stargher made contact. He’s curious about me. If I could reach the boy Game then maybe he’d tell me about Julia. What ever happened to Charles Gish? Old Charlie beat the murder rap Game because he was insane when he killed Margaret. His attorney milked the jury for all they were worth. Said that a life of ual abuse drove him to do these things Game and, you know, what ever the . All that same old bullshit. Why is that bullshit? I believe a child can experience Game a hundred times worse the abuse than what Gish went through Game and still grow upto be Game somebody that would never, ever, ever hurt another living being. And you’re sure of that? Yes, I am. I’m sure of that. Hey, where the hell you been? I’ve been right here. Well, next time tell me, OK? I didn’t want to disturb you. You looked so cute, you know? You’re all sleeping when you get that look on you. Your colleagues want to know what to do with Stargher. Tell them to prep him. I’ll be right there. Thank you, Catherine. Stargher have any pets? You know, cats, dogs Game Yeah, you’re a good boy, aren’t you, Valentine? That’s supposed to help? On a subconscious level, yes. Anything that was special to Stargher, gave him pleasure Game should