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Casper’s Christmas Adventure happy we are to be back here in Houston. Tonight, let’s get rid of every distraction and focus on praising Jesus. Amen? Amen! All right. Here we go. Jesus yo! What’s up, dude? How you doin’? Hey, dude, you never told me about the party the other night. How was it? You don’t even game It was a disaster. Really? Yeah. I drank beers, and three months ago, that’s badass. And now it was just like, who’s the old guy with the drinking problem? Still, college, no parents. Right? No. Nope. I got to get a life. Yo! Yo, yo, what’s up? What’s up, you d.B.’S? You guys just making out, or game Baker, we’ve got a real love. Yeah. Something you wouldn’t understand. Hey, uh, guys? I just wanted to say, I’m really, really sorry about everything. If I could do this whole summer over again, you know game ah, you’re good, Sam. Yeah. I mean, the idea, from the onset, terrible. Thank you. But you got to see it to the end. I did you get you a hell of a recommendation. Don’t worry about that, man. Unless you already wrote it. ‘Cause, then, yeah. Yeah, I’ll take it. I did. You will. I just wish all y’all could’ve got something out of it. Uh game we got something out of it. Check this out. Boom, for you. Boom, for you. Thanks. What is it? What is this? Our fat stacks, yo! Royalty checks from cross dressing! Baker, this is $,. Guys, I’m the frigging man. This happened. Yeah, yeah. You know what? You should just take my check. All of y’all, just split it up. What? I got to work for my dad anyways after this to pay back some debts, so I already got a job. I don’t need game although, with all these checks, I could pay him back right now one fell swoop, which would be great for me and him, probably you guys too. You know what, Pierce? None of us could thank you enough. That’s very sweet of you. That’s game Are you serious? Yeah. You’re supposed to say, no, we couldn’t, and then you give me my game forget it. Just give me my game are you gonna go down? All right, you’re going down right now. Hey, you guys, Gabriel’s game Uh game Gabriel’s