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Cat Asia AdventureShe’s my wife. Housewife. Yeah, that’s right. Overemotional. Overimpulsive. Oh, yes. That’s what she is. You hit it right on the head. Everything’s extreme with her. When she gets an idea in her head, she’s game Mike, shall I turn the radio on? Would you like a little music? You got something? No. Overemotional, impulsive game Mike! Mike, Mike. What is it? Have you got something? Well, have you? Mike, talk to me. I got something. You do? Well, what is it? It’ll take a lot of acting on your part. Sincere acting. Mike, I’ll be sincere, and it won’t be acting. You ready? Yes, ready. Go ahead, shoot. You know why you were kissing that girl? No. Why? ‘Cause you’re working for the FBI. I didn’t hear you. You’re doing special work for the FBI. That’s why you were kissing her. Me? The FBI. Me? You didn’t hear it all yet. I don’t want to hear another word, you moron. That’s your idea of helping me? Making me an FBI man? And you think Ann’s gonna go for that, huh? Who do you think she is, one of those stupid morons that watch that stupid moron show of yours? Why, she’d spit in my eye if I ever told her a story like that! Not only that, she’d say she was ashamed of me. Mike, will you do me a favor? Will you get out of here? I’m puzzled why I don’t. I think because you’re so childlike that taking offense doesn’t become me. All right, Mike, I’m childlike, and making me an FBI man is a brilliant idea. Don’t help me anymore, please? I didn’t just make up this story, you know. Mike, what are you game I’m going to tell you something now. Mike, what are you game If you ever repeat this, if you ever divulge this to one living soul, I swear by everything I hold sacred, I’ll kill you. See that? What game Well, what is that? My number is My FBI name is Harold Evans. I’m in Section Six of the th New York Division. My superior is known to me by the name of Carl Edmundson. My contact is Post Office box number in the post office at Wall and Broad. The telephone number is Hanover , and I’ve been an FBI supplementary agent for the past