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Cat’o Mania 2 Hey! Don’t make so much noise. Shh! As of today, I’m turning your men over to captain Tze to get some hard training. I’ve requested from england for the rear admiral game To come out and investigate the whole situation. As for you, you’re to be put in charge of fundraising. Now, get out! Change into these uniforms. What’s this all about? Captain Tze’s orders. What’s going on? These are cop uniforms. Bad news. We’re cops now. No more project “a.” Congratulations, men. Congratulations on your new appointment. No more chasing pirates. Won’t be needing that. And you, sir? Oh. Didn’t you hear about my, uh, promotion game To, uh, chairman of the annual fundraising? Good, huh? Well, how about showing some enthusiasm? Attention! That’s, uh, my last order. I think it’s time to report. Go. Sergeant Maillong reporting, sir. I’m going to see you have special duties. Oh, sounds like it will be hard. Shut up! I don’t care what you did in the Navy. You’re in the police now. You must learn when you answer a superior officer, answer yes or no. Look at you. Attention! Keep your eyes open. Come on! Head up! Chest out! Bottoms up! From the nose to the toes, there’s one straight line! So your name’s master sergeant Maillong. Sir! Right? Tell me, are you stupid? Yes, sir! Hmm? No, sir! Answer! Hmm. Not bad at all. Captain. Ah, good timing. This is sergeant Maillong. Allow me to introduce to you acting inspector Tze. I have decided to put inspector Tze in charge of your squad. He’ll soon train you and your men game To form my special mission squad. That will be all for now. Not so fast! Have you forgotten how to salute like a man? Cops. You start training them tomorrow. Your assignment is to make them into police officers. Yes, sir! Oh, now we’re in for it. Come on. Fall in. Attention! Salute! You, front and center. Now, salute me again. Stomach. Shoulders. Keep it in. Five hundred times. Yes, sir. You men are now members of the police force, and you will act as such. Any sloppy habits that you picked up in the Navy game Hey, do you see what I see?