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Cat Pick-Up Where’d the crickets go? They stopped? Same time, every evening. And now it’s time for the chiggers. The what? They’re like tiny, tiny mosquitoes. Rapaciousl Little bastards! When do they stop? He’s still got it. I’m at low tide here. Have a drop of farigoule. It’s thyme liqueur. Anything from herbs is fine by me. It’s natural. Can’t do any harm, right? Shit, it burns! It disinfects. How did you guys all meet? JeanMi and Laurette at Woodstock. Woodstock? Sure! They introduced us to Elie. Four days and four nights of rock. Jimi Hendrix imitating bombs falling on Vietnam with his guitar Game Santana and that drum solo Game minutes! I remember. Joe Cocker Game Janis Joplin! Never got over it. And then we met Franck at the festival in Avignon. We were hanging out in the square, with folks lobbing us peanuts almost. We looked like total dropouts, remember! You good? I’m good. Great place you have. Yeah, it’s really cool here. You’re too fast for me. But what did you all live on? One year, in Peshawar, we bought a job lot of goatskin Afghan coats. We loaded up the van, remember? They stank so bad we drove , km with all the windows open. We got a good price for the damn things. They paid for our motorbikes. Away we went, to party in India. Your grandmother was a goddess of love. Hold on, you mean Game Granny and you, you Game Slow down now. Not just me. You mean Game Free love, kid. We were dreamers. Stoners, you mean. But you, kids, don’t mess with it. It’s dangerous. You guys are still here. Actually, not all of us. Not Manu. He returned to the cosmos. You idiot! Paul, I had no idea. After all this time Game Hold on, who was Manu? Your greatuncle. Your grandfather’s brother. You didn’t know? We only just met. A long story. Sorry. I’m really sorry. Can I change somewhere? Of course. It’s embarrassing, but I have no spare rooms. years renovating. All our money goes on the olive groves. Léa will take you to Magali’s. She does B&B. I called. She’s expecting you. Magali’s? I know the way, I can take them. Okay, thanks.