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Catnarock Longcat Rampage Time 2 I’ll take the photos myself. Pa and Ma said “Use Bluetooth”. Use Bluetooth! Can’t you just say Cheese? I want a smile. Getting carried away. One more? No, that’s enough. Hi, teacher. Hello. Final term? So what does the future hold? It’s dangerous not to know yourself. Next week we’re starting the yearbook. Next week? That’s the near future. grams paper, color printing. Asking parents for money is the last choice. So I’d like to ask the school for money. If you can’t do it, don’t say it. Can you do it? Yes. Is , enough? Enough is enough. Stop talking. Can we have ,? I like strong, simple work. I wanna do a Minimalist style, like a photo book. Sparse text with beautiful photos. You’re only worthy if you’re proud of your work. To be worthy of the school game Get serious and do it. Here’s ,. Good luck. Thank you, teacher. Money! Practice leads to improvement. Jungle retreat? Is this overkill? My work is conceptual. Overkill. Red Bull. So busy looking for others, I got lost. Where am I? Mushrooms! Borrowed four books from the library: Patterns, textures, figures, illustrations. And a howto manual. Very minimal. Out of glue. . Love Radio is pretty good. Carelessly destroying paper game game wanna plant a paper tree. Ma game On the roof, snow falls like flowers. Ma, there’s snow. On the roof. And fog too. When you arrive, the fog disappears. Girl high on mushrooms. Bring the helicopter. Want some gum? Hi, teacher. So was the jungle retreat useful? My portfolio is very Minimal. This isn’t Minimal. This isn’t Minimal. It isn’t Minimal. The truth is maybe I’ve got nothing. Four pancakes please. Welcome Love? What? Why are your hands cold? Turning red! Shut up. He’s probably just passing by. Please just pass by. You okay? How many fingers? Four? I only count three. Three? Today in France. Where are you? I wasn’t done. Paris. Huh? Saturday I’ll be rich! I forgot my coat, so I’ll be back on Friday. Ma will send money on Saturday. But that’s too late. Are you crazy? I’m impulsive (when I’m alone). I dunno. Just felt like coming to Paris.