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Since you must marry some time or other wouldn’t it be wiser to face it and get it over? But I loathe the whole idea of marriage. Watched on. Spied on! Peter, you must learn to control yourself. I’m always telling you. Remember that one day you will rule Russia. Russia! Does it take such a fine character to rule Russia? Look at my aunt, the empress. If she weren’t on the throne she’d be on the streets. Russia knows it and Russia loves it. Chuckles To the most shameless rake that ever wore a petticoat Elisabeth, empress of all the Russias. Her Imperial Majesty Elisabeth, Empress of all the Russias! That’s all right, ladies. So you’ve been trying to upset my plans again, Bestujhev. I’ve brought this girl all the way from Germany and the marriage will take place whether you like it or not. But when I think Your Majesty is wrong Shut up! You’ve no business to think I’m wrong. I’m not wrong! Shut up, I tell you! That’s enough! Clattering Get out! Bestujhev Oh! Aah! Oh! Elisabeth Bestujhev! Bestujhev! Murmuring Oh! Laughing If you could see yourself! I wish to resign Your Majesty’s service. Fiddlesticks! Laughing Gasps They will be married in three months. The girl has to change her religion, of course and she must have a new name. Let’s see. Alexandra. Alexandra? Why not Alexandra? Such a great name for a slip of a girl. Call her Alexandra, if you like. I prefer Catherine. All right. You see how reasonable I am? Let the little one be called Catherine. Couldn’t we stop for a moment? The empress and the grand duke are waiting for us. Yes, I know, but Russia just takes my breath away. The country’s so vast the corridors in the palace are so endless. I have the feeling we lived in a hut in Germany. We lived at the castle in Stettin, Lieutenant Orlov. Pull yourself together, please. And don’t forget the deep curtsy before the empress. She might then give you her hand to kiss, or she might embrace and kiss you. Kiss me? But how shall I know which is the grand duke? He will stand at the empress’s right. Yes. Is he as tall as you?