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Nice to meet ya. Hi. Nice to meet you. Wait Game J Game Just let me get this straight. You want us to play a full-court game Game against the Lady Armadillos, the state champs, who are years younger than us? Three games. What? If we sell out three games, we can make grand on concession stand and admission proceeds. I figure we can raise the rest with a bettin’ pool. Hell, men around here write you off after , so I know they’ll bet against us. All we have to do is bet on ourselves to win the pool. That, and win two out of the three games. I have not stepped foot on a basketball court in over years. So we’ll practice. When people hear that it’s for charity, the whole town will pay to come watch us. Maybe I don’t want the whole town watching me make a fool of myself playing basketball. No, I can’t do it. I’m sorry. I know. Listen, listen. Just come shoot baskets with us Thursday night and then decide. Who’s “us”? Florine. She’s committed. Absolutely not! No way, Jose! Florine, you said you’d do anything for Tess. That’s just a figure of speech Game like “Break a leg” or “I’m all ears” or “Have a nice day.” Nobody means those things literally. I’m too old to play basketball. We’re all too old to play basketball. Ginger’s committed. Well, bless Ginger’s heart, but Ginger’s not the mayor. Do you know how hard it is for a black woman in these parts to get elected mayor? This town’s % white. I’m not saying people here are behind the times, but some are still trying to adjust to Bill Cosby being a doctor. Are you saying playing basketball’s too black for you? I’m saying I have different priorities. People think just because I took over this job when J.C. died Game that I don’t have what it takes to get reelected. Well, I’ll prove them wrong by becoming the first elected black mayor of Burning Bush. I hate to burst your civil rights bubble, but any idiot in this town who wouldn’t vote for you Game ’cause you act too black or come on too strong Game isn’t gonna vote for you,