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Let go and do as I say. Switch the terminals. These things, whatever they are, heal up within seconds. How are you doing? With the thermal couple to trigger it, I think it’ll work. Are you attaching it to your apparatus? There’s no time to switch helmets. Who said so? This is no suicide mission. The auxiliary equipment is in my helmet. But we can’t take the risk of taking off your helmet even if there is an oxygen count, it’s too low. I wouldn’t risk destroying your breathing apparatus either. No, don’t, don’t take it off Rod. Don’t! No, the oxygen is too thin! Oh, God! Here, Terry, hold the bottom. Here put this on. That must be a new blast from the deflector. There, it’s stabilized again. Are you all right Terry? Yes. Frank! Frank! No, don’t come near. Everything will go according to plan. The bomb will work all right. Go, Rod. Get out right now. There’s no time for that. I’ll hack at this stuff. Get out Rod. I don’t mind. It’s okay. Only take care of Game ‘s boy. I, I wanted to do it but now, promise that you’ll be there to take care of the kid. Rod, he can’t stay there. Frank! I can’t. It’s okay, go on. Frank, oh! Rod, go while I can still handle this. The cable. Here. Terry, will you go. Oh. Hurry, will you? Rod? It’s all right, I’ll make it. Rod. Hurry. Get back up there. We’ll beat this thing. Give me your hand. None of them have come up. AH three are wearing identifiable headgear. White is Game , red, Parkinson, checkered, Sanchez. No trace or communication from the three as of their descent. There they are now. The first to surface has checkered headgear. That would be Lieutenant Sanchez. Tell them to continue communications. We’re still connected sir. General Norton here, continue your report. All I can tell you now is that two have come up. Red headgear, it must be Parkinson. And the third? I’ll ask sir. Gamma station to flagship. Please confirm number of survivors. Only two have surfaced. Aid has already reached them. Reconfirming, two have come up.