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What you were able to witness. Yes, thank you. You’ve heard about indiscriminate shelling, but to see those bodies left over from a direct mortar hit was… Was really shocking. They were civilians and they are under pretty continuous shelling. It seemed like he started thinking about going to Syria and by the time he mentioned it, it was like he’d already kind of made up his mind… and he said he was going with John Cantley, who’s another colleague, a British photo journalist that we’d all met in Libya the year before. What’s your name? Jim. John. Jim and John. Johnny, you say I love you, you say. I don’t know. I really… didn’t really… get into it with Jim. I think I made it too easy for him. I mean, it was something he wanted to do and so… we were trying to be supportive about his decision to do that, you know? You just want to punch him in the face. You know, in a loving, brotherly way, you know, but you’re like, “Come on, Jim! Come on!” The last conversation I ever had with Jim, I said to him, like, “Jim, man, why do you keep going back into Syria? Like, I mean, what’s it like?” He’s like “It’s crazy, its crazy.” I’m like, “Well, is it more dangerous than Libya?” He’s like, “Yeah, it’s more dangerous than Libya!” I’m like, “You got captured in Libya!” You remember, you couldn’t talk him out of it. You know the thing is, is there’s physical courage, right? For some reason I have physical courage. But really, think about it, that’s nothing compared to moral courage. I can go and get those shots, but if I don’t have the moral courage to challenge authority, to write about things that are gonna maybe have reprisals on my career. If I don’t have that moral courage, we don’t have journalism. Jim chose one story in particular about this hospital, The Dar Al Shifaa hospital in Aleppo. It was actually Jim’s idea to spend a week in that hospital documenting what the doctors and the staff there were doing on a daily basis. From what he and I witnessed, they were literally shuttling people with drips and you know, bandages and everything