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Just being able to walk on it and sit on the guardrail. And I just, yeah. I felt really game It would have been even more magical if it hadn’t been degrees out. Yeah. So, in these moments, please, please know that everyone was so, so cold. I was wearing three coats, it was probably degrees outside. And there’s Austin in a T-shirt and jeans. Yep. Yeah, pretty impressive. Yeah, he’s a trouper. He’s a real trouper. Yeah, everybody had to go through some pretty awful weather to recreate springtime in America. Yeah, this is such a great moment between the two of them. Yeah. This is a moment that without Austin and Halston playing these characters may have not worked. But I think they really made it work together. Yeah. And it’s sort of like him game You can actually see it shift in his performance notjust in the dialogue with him, beginning to grow up just the slightest amount. He’s still going to dance like an idiot at prom, but he does kind of grow up towards the end of the movie and on this road trip a little bit. Yeah, I mean, there’s a great tradition in American storytelling of the road trip or the geographical cure, that you move physically and then that causes you to move emotionally, that causes you to grow up. And I think Margo’s indulging a bit of that geographical cure by going to Agloe in the first place. But I think it does prove to be a place where these kids can grow up. Yeah, and this is kind of like, under Lacey’s trajectory, that I really like. We didn’t talk about it in the bathtub scene, but she has this great line where Q says, “No one will ever be the new Margo.” And she says, “Yep, no one could ever be the new Margo.” And there’s just a hint in the way she says it, where it’s notjust laughing that her crazy friend Margo, but also knowing that no one would ever talk about her that way, that I just thought was really sweet and something I hadn’t imagined for the part. And then here again, the idea that maybe Margo doesn’t deserve a friend like her, where, in fact, everyone’s just orbited around Margo