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Chicks On Trouble Tİme we go to the scorecards after twelve World Championship rounds, the winner, by majority decision, and still WBO World Welterweight Champion of the World Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao! Be calm, because I promise you I’ll bring the fight back in May game And we’ll do it again. We’ll do it again! My question is very simple. Are you more convinced that you won this fight more clearly than the other two? I think, I won this fight more clearly. I don’t know what happened. What do I need to do for the judges to give me the fight? I don’t know what happened. Good evening. Thank you for this another opportunity. I know, I did my best, but the expectation of the people is game The fight is not that happened, but thank you. After the fight, I had a dream. I was in a jungle. I saw the light brighter than the sun. It penetrates my bones and my body. I heard God’s voice. He said to me, “Son, why you leave me? Why you away from me?” I woke up, and when I touched my hair and my pillow, it was wet, with tears, I’m crying. I told him, you have to leave all the game The worldly things, so the gambling game Having a game Being unfaithful, all of that, so, you have to change that. I told him that you are now a new creation of God. A new man, a changed man, so game You better leave those things. Yeah, I have a casino and I sold it. And I have a bar, sold it also, and I stopped drinking, stopped good times with friends, like that and I stopped gambling, everything. I want to perfectly follow God’s Commandment. I hope, or I believe that you have to gonna push through to become a good creation of God, a good person to the people. A good husband, a good father to his children, and that’s it. That’s game For the family, yeah. For the family. It’s true. It’s real. So that’s why I was game That’s why I am blessed. You know, I grew up in boxing, I love boxing. But, maybe one more fight, and that’s it. After the fight with Mayweather, win or lose, last fight. Of course, we’re gonna win. But after Mayweather, yeah. There’s one thing about my fighter.