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Listen. I’m working on a film. That’s great! Is It fiction or Game ? Yes, it’s about a class reunion. The reason I’m ceiling is that I’d like to show it to the whole class. I see Game Henrik speaking Game Hello, this is Anna Odell. Is this Henrik who went to Enskede school? + Hi Game It’s been a while Game Indeed. Time Game ies. I’m calling because I’ve made a film about a class reunion. I was wondering if you’d like to see it Game with Christopher, if he wants to. Sure, of course. That’s great. Christopher Game Hey, ifs Anna Odell. Hi! Hi! I spoke to Henrik yesterday, and Game Yes, I know. I see. So I guess he called you Game Yes, we’ve talked. I was just wondering if you wanted to meet up, the three of us Game Well, yes Game what’s it about? I’d like to show you my film and hear your opinions Game But if you’ve already made the film, why meet us now, rather than before Game Game when you were starting on it? Because Game What I’m wondering is why you didn’t come to the reunion. It would’ve been Game Because I didn’t know there was a reunion. You didn’t know? I only heard about it afterwards. What, weren’t you invited? No. I didn’t get an invitation anyway. For sure, of course I’d be happy to help you Game It’s just that I enjoy my life as it is, and I don’t want it disrupted by stuff like this. Your other project caused such a stir Game it would really mean a lotto me Game Henrik speaking Game Hi, it’s Anna Odell. Christopher has agreed to meet up. Thanks for the offer, but I’m afraid I have to turn you down. How come? I just want to say No, and end this. May I just ask you what made you change your mind? I’d prefer not to discuss it. I’ve given your last call some thought Game Game and decided that my answer is No, thank you. Goodbye. Goodbye. What do you hope to get out of the meeting? I have no expectations of them, only that we meet. I’d never look these people up just for my own sake. Ifs because this is a project. That’s what makes me Game Game call them up.