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to turn this around on me. I’m turning it around? Yeah. You’re turning it around on me. You wanted to take drugs, it didn’t work out, and now you’re acting like a . It didn’t work out? Did you just call me a ? No, I said you’re acting like a . What kind of man calls their wife a ? Why do you have to question my manhood? And what’s Because what kind of man calls a woman a . You call me a all the time, why can’t I call you a ? Oh my god. That’s so lame. Why is that lame? Um, I’m gonna go for now. No. No. Just sit down for a second. Dave, sit down, please. Just give us one minute. Why don’t I give you some privacy, and I can That’s definitely not what we want. We don’t need any privacy. This is not a private matter. No. You leave, this gets real, so let’s just, we’re gonna just push through. Can I get some air? No, you can’t get air when Air? There’s open air everywhere. We’re in a garage! What more air do you need? Great, I’ll just. Dave, please. Why? Just give us a second. We need to finish this for one second. Why? Because I’m being held hostage, so I’m just gonna play. Dave, come on, man. That’s so annoying. Just play something then. I’m not stopping. ‘ Play a song. d I’m in no mood for your mood d I’m in no mood for your mood d So take your attitude d Is this what it means to be a dude d That you could ever speak so lewd d You’re in’ lazy and you’re crude d You better change your attitude d Is this what comes with havin’ boobs d Always obsessin’ over food d You get so hangry and so rude d You better change your attitude Up here. d And then we fight, fight d Fight, fight, fight, fight d And then we fight about the fight, fight d Fight, fight, fight fight d I’m acting calm and you’re uptight d You’re the dark and I’m the light d You’re so wrong and I’m so right d I’m so right d Well, now my head is spinning d But I can’t give up on winning Well, we owe you a big thank you, Dave. Yeah, big ups to Dave. Big ups to Dave. Bless up, Dave. All right, let’s do this open mic, dogs. Hey, we gotta leave in like seven minutes.