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What do you think happens to stars when they die? They just fade away. Nothing just fades away. If anything, stars shine brighter after death. What are you talking about. Fame is a drug you will chase until you die. And only in death will you become famous. Do you believe in life after death, River? Maybe. You should. Why? Let us show you. So Hune, what’s your story? Everyone’s got one. Mine isn’t that interesting. Let me be the judge of that. I moved to LA to become a casting director. Right now, I’m junior casting game under the one and the only Liz Leaf. Never heard of her. Well now you know my story, I wanna know yours. I’m an actor. Of course you are. That would be my cue to leave. What? Why? It figures you would be “an actor”. It’s just my luck. And what’s wrong with that? Everyone in this town is an actor. I work with actors all day. The last thing I want to do game is be hanging out with one outside of work. For all I know, you just want to hang out with me game so you can get a role in some movie. Let’s make a deal, June. For as long as we know each other game I’ll never bug you about your work. if you never bug me about mine. For as long as we know each other? That is a little bit presumptuous don’t you think? I’m just trying to put your little heart at ease. It’s late. I really should get going. No, I can drive myself, thank you. Well, can I at least get your number or something? I don’t give out my number to actors. Well game here’s mine. In case you change your mind. It was really nice meeting you. RIVER What is it? It’s Peyote. Is it safe. Of course. Go on. Trust me. Close your eyes. Now I want you to picture someone who was close to you. Perhaps someone you’d like to see again. You’re an asshole, you ing piece of shit! You’re an asshole, you ing piece of shit! I’ll ing kill you! You do that again I’ll kill you, motherer! ing psychopath! You sick prick! I’m gonna take your face game and burn you alive! MATT; Open the ing door! Can I help you with something? Someone yelling just woke me up.