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Children’s Union 4 a laserequipped toilet in the mainframe Can you talk with the deaf? Sure, why? have a business proposal for him What is it? He takes me to Earth and back and I give him ten boxes of ketses OK, and , boxes for me How many? Tsarapkin Dough is not a problem. I’ve got dough Yen, euros, dollars, roubles Game OK? Mama, mama, what am I to do? Mama, mama, how am I going to live? Buckle up Patsak. We’re going to crash land soon Why? Just because We’re falling. I pinched the gravitsapa Why? We’ll install it on our Game Tsarapkin! Think about Lida Game from the ninth grade. Now! Come on, think! Game Good boy So, we’ll install it on our pepelats, and I keep the deaf guy’s share Put it back, you scum! We’re going to crash! You scumbag! You broke the sky in the office of my beloved Pezhe! Come out, Patsak Yeah, yeah, tin man. Just a second Everyone on the floor! Hands behind your heads! Pezhe’s coming with me. The rest don’t move for an hour Are we koo or not koo? Koo, Uncle Tolik! Koo, buddy What number? Bring out Uncle Vova And the other two Why them? Just because That’s one tough Patsak Hello Vladimir Chizhov A video? No I’ve been meaning to talk to you. This thing here is called a tsak think, you Game Vova, just hit him in the face already What’s that? What are you holding there? A Plukian musical instrument. My grandfather gave it to me Ah, here come those two creeps Hey there Koo, Uncle Tolik! Koo, buddy Tsapa? Check ? Check Tsapa? I said, tsapa! Stop yelling. Tsarapkin, there’s some junkie asking for you People! That was some dialing that you did It took ages to find you. Here’s your candy back Hi Hi. If you want, I can return you to Earth I found out the number How about this? We go to Earth, buy matches, come back and hide them. Then we go back and buy Game You can’t bring ketses with you. Ketses are contraband We’ll split it with you : No : No : No! Quit haggling, astronauts. We’ll fly on the pepelats Stay out of this : No, no, and no! Off you go then, mister. Go home Tsapa Check Check Guys, do you like dumplings? Sure OK, so then first we Game