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You have a twisted sense of humor. Would you feel better if I told you Radios that unless this boy has a transfusion within three hours he’s going to die? Now, you stay on the back roads. And you keep your gun handy. Our country is still full of thieving, murdering patriots. How’s he doing? About the same. Harry, he’s so pale. How’s his pulse? I can barely feel it. How much further, Harry? miles, maybe less. Ann, look at his leg. Check the bandages. See if he’s bleeding again. Daddy, look. That car’s coming back! Everybody, down. Stay down. All right, come out of there. You’ve got five seconds to come out, or we start shooting. Come out with your hands empty and where we can see them. All right. Don’t shoot. My boy’s in there. We got to get him to a hospital. He’s dying! Get your hands up. What do you want? Take anything we’ve got, but let us get to the hospital, please! Where is the boy? He’s in the back seat with me. Throw it down or we’ll cut you to pieces. A machine gun? You got a machine gun? You’re the Army. Harry, thank God. Sorry to shake you up. We’re the farthest patrol out, had to be careful. What’s wrong with the boy? He needs blood in a hurry. There’s an aid station about miles ahead at Patrol Headquarters. Where did you come from? We were up in the mountains when the bombs went off. They can take care of you. Can you make it? We can make it fine, thanks. Okay. Let him through. That’s five more. Five more what? Five more that are okay. They’ve come from the hills. No radiation sickness. Yep. Five good ones. And tell me, and that the cargo I have to accompany? If not a secret, of course. Tigers. Oh, Tigers! Company name? Which company? A pair of lions, tigers. How lions? Are you serious? And what’s worrying you? I am completely unfamiliar with this case. Well acquainted. The main thing do not talk no nonsense, and everything will be fine. Listen, what I still want to live. Well Carry on health. No, I can not! What you can not? Do you want to sit here until next ship for another five months?