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We’re very fortunate! It was rented for three months Games Games but the tenant had a slightly fatal accident. Most unfortunate for him, but most fortunate for you Games Games because this desirable residence is now empty. What about THAT desirable residence? Ah! The Castello, huh? Magnifico! It belonged to a Mr Petersen. Yes, Carl Petersen. A very rich gentleman, with many beautiful things. And the ladies. Hm. Mama mia! The ladies! Up there in the Castello, are the most beautiful ladies I have ever seen. But on to business. You will see, we are furnished in the grand style. Everything of the best and almost new. Now Games oh! Who did such a thing? And why? Oh! No, no, no, no no! You can’t stay here. I, I will find something. Anywhere. But I like it here. No. I want to stay here. Molto buono. Magnifico! Now, you find somebody to Games bring the bags up, and somebody to clean up Games Games and don’t worry I’m eminently satisfied. Charming! Charming! I’m glad we’re Games “eminently satisfied”. You recognise that? Ooh! Vividly! Penelope was here. What were they looking for? Well, if you’d stolen a very valuable tape recording Games Games and when you played it there was a piece missing,,, Games you’d want to find that piece, wouldn’t you? Ah!” ate the ruler and the Ak-“. Right! It’s a grim-looking place, isn’t it? Hmm, but interesting. Boy, you bet! All those beautiful girls. Mmm! No, but Games whoever lives up there has been watching us through a telescope ever since we got here. Hey! Robert! Oh! On your feet, man salaams are out of date! Ah! You remembered. Well, welcome aboard “Mabrouk”. Well, this king business has really gone to your head. Where’s the harem? Oh, I didn’t think there was a need for that. You didn’t think what? Well, we managed all right without a harem in America, didn’t we? Yes we did, Pogo. Oh, excuse me. Pogo, this is my uncle: Hugh Drummond. Hugh, Pogo. How do you do, Mr Drummond? Robert’s told me a great deal about you. Your company insures our new airline, doesn’t it? That’s right, sir.