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the last stage disaster alert grows near on earth. A few hours ago Schmidt promised UD officials to resolve the problem in two days. Now two days will be much too late. General Norton arrives on Gamma to see for himself. Open your sights. The old boy is coming in. Norton? Himself. I’m getting their approach signals now. Gamma to UD , give us your orbit. Orbit on . Controls on automatic. Open latch. Do you read? We do. Then proceed to door . Get him in Joe. Close aerator. Come in on gyro. Come in on gyro. But why did Game go and have to lead the flight. He has officers for that. His place is here. Why didn’t he tell me at least. We’ve been unable to get through to your headquarters General. Headquarters is a shambles. They’re setting up a temporary base. Who’s next in command here? Captain Perkinson in Operations. That was wind. Up here. They’re not going to hold much longer. That last shot did it. The auxiliary just as bad? Yeah. They’re both way out of balance. If we let them run they’ll both tear loose. Go get some metal straps and bars. We’ll try to balance the main gyro. Right. Get with it, Norton. Have operations give a general alert. In five minutes we’ll be without gravity for a short time, I hope. Got that? We’ve got visitors Captain. Okay Get set to turn it off. I’m General Norton. Captain Perkinson, Operations. Are you in command on the station? During this watch, but I’m leaving on the next expedition. I want a full report on what this command has done about the mission it was assigned and how far you’ve gotten. Very well, sir. I want to know what you’ve discovered and what steps you’ve taken. Right now we have serious trouble here and I was hoping to fix it General. As soon as it’s fixed report to me. As for trouble, it’s down below, and if we don’t find a way to get it stopped, it’ll be too late. Captain, if we don’t find the reason and stop it dead in its tracks, we won’t have to worry about troubles ever. And it’s not a matter of days, but hours.