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I’m patient! I’m trying to game What was that? Did something fall? Why did he shout like that? ing hell! What the hell are you doing? Going in front of the camera! Are you trying to disqualify me? I can’t take it anymore! Let me leave! I can’t take it! Let me go! Where should I leave you, asshole? Have you seen the sea? Where do I drop you? Asshole! Get off the deck. This is a storm! Even New Zealand’s out for you! I’ll call him. rd day of the race, I’m on the Indian ocean. The sea is surging. I can’t go fast. The raging fifties isn’t like the forties. I haven’t left the helm for an instant. I haven’t slept. I regret having gone so far south. The boat’s getting tossed around like crazy. Lots of love to you and Léa. Tell her there are no sunsets here. th Day South of the Indian Ocean Yann th Are you sleeping? Yes. For the weather, when the wind comes like that game From the southwest game Very good. You didn’t know that the other day. We have a strong band of low pressure. The ocean’s icy. What’s the best option in your opinion? What would you do? Go south, like Léa’s dad. What if we asked him, Léa? Go on. Is it going through? Hello, Daddy. My daughter! I’m with Mrs. Riboulet. Hello, Mr. Kermadec. I don’t know if Léa told you, but I’m using the race as a teaching tool. Can you help us with your meteorological knowledge? With what? Your meteorological knowledge. Well, it’s not super hot here. Can I say a word to my daughter? Daddy, it was the teacher’s idea. I’m happy to see you. You’re beautiful. You can call me at the house. OK. He promised to call me back. I know, darling. But he obviously can’t. He’ll call you later. Is it dangerous? Your dad knows the sea, even big waves like that don’t scare him. Are you afraid for him? Sometimes, yes. More afraid than for Franck? It’s not the same. Franck’s my brother, and your dad’s game he’s my game My boyfriend. Will you come live with us? I’d like that. You too? Really? Merry Christmas, Daddy I love you, Léa th Day Off the Shore of New Zealand Yann th Merry Christmas,