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a detail we haven’t got game We’re not sure. We’re not sure. That’s why we’ve got to be clever. Mike. The elevator. Here she comes. Well, what about it? Well, I game Well? I’m very nervous. Very nervous. Well, stop it. Breathe in. Out, too, you idiot. Mike! What are we gonna do? Don’t leave, Ann. All I want is just a few minutes. There’s nothing to be gained by talk. Just a few minutes, Ann. There’ll only be bitterness, and I thought we might be spared that. Five minutes. One minute for every year of our marriage. That’s all I ask, Ann. Five minutes. I love you, Ann. I’ve always loved you. I could never love anyone else. I’m not interested. And you love me. Your feelings are hurt, but you love me. I don’t love you. I’ve blotted you out of my memory. You could never blot me out of your memory. That’s typically vain of you. Have you blotted out the memory of our sabbatical in Paris? When we lost all our money, and we had to live off a case of sardines for over a month. How we could never eat them again. Yes, I have. Have you blotted out what we said to each other kneeling in Notre Dame? Yes. Remember the time we fell in the lake, and we had to dry our clothes in a barn? The day we got engaged? Don’t mind me. Ann game If there was anything I needed to emphasize the gulf that exists between us, it would be this instance of attempting a reconciliation in front of a third person. And I use the word person in a figurative sense. You don’t like me. No. No, I never did. And I attempted to show you. You got your message across. I believe you’re largely responsible for his moral depravity. You’re not a bachelor. You’re a libertine. I can’t stay all evening. Who’s keeping you? Ann. I don’t see that we’re accomplishing anything. I’d thank you to do me the final courtesy of leaving. Now. Mike, I’m gonna have to tell her. Look, you’re over . I urge you not to, but I can’t stop you. I’m sorry, I’m gonna tell her. You know the consequences. You’re making me feel like a traitor. Traitor? No, not at all. Just the opposite. You’ve