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you haven’t been able to explain. Just seems like you’d know more or something. Just because I can’t explain something about myself right now doesn’t mean it’s metaphysical. It means science can’t explain it yet. You looked like a ghost in that picture at the restaurant. You just saw me look like stuff from stories you’ve read or saw, that’s it. Guess giant squid were myths until one washed up on a beach. People used to think people with rabies and porphyria were vampires, but that doesn’t mean vampires are real. It means science hadn’t caught up with the myth. And even if I knew I’m supernatural, it doesn’t prove anything about Games Fear of the unknown makes a lot of really pretty stuff, though. Um, Louise, did you bring your shots? Yeah, there’s one in my purse. You should use it. Why, do you see something? Yeah, a little something. Just do it here. Don’t get up. Okay. So, this time in Prussia, something, so I’m walking through the cemetery and they’re digging up corpses, and the corpses would move from escaping gases and whatnot. And so they’re, like, staking Games Hey, hey, hey, shh. Games dead people, calling them vampires. Nerve-wracking. So I left there. I’m in the New World and women were hung for being witches for, like, a lot less than my quirks. One colonial guy said I was aging well. No joke, I was on the first ship back to England. So, then I’m in France and they were, like, burning women at the stake for having a moody day. So I catch a train to Germany in the s, and, I mean, we all know what happened there, right? Hey, Louise? Do you want to show me Games what’s your favorite museum here? We should go check it out. Oh, okay. Can we get some pizza first? Of course, yeah. Really pouring on the melodrama in this one. You look so different. Oh, yeah, my boyfriend before was a very unattractive Ottoman. How many men are you a mix of? You don’t want to know. I don’t? Are you jealous, Evan? No, but if every Games you’re , years old Games if every years Games Do you have a problem with how many