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Circuits Bike That was where our house was. That was before, now it’s gone. So that’s it game it brings back memories. My mom took care of us because my father wasn’t around. All of my siblings worked and looked for jobs so we could survive and eat. Sometimes we would go days without eating. There! They started to pull in the fishnets. At the crack of dawn, our mother would wake us up to pray the rosary. We would pray to the Lord game “What kind of life will we have when we grow up?” We had nothing. Then we would look for work. I would go fishing. I spoke to the owner of a fishing net and asked if I could help so I can have a share of the fish. At first, they were hesitant, because I was too young, and what do I know? They gave me a chance because I was desperate and really needed the job. And we needed to eat. Then I had a catch. I had a share of the fish, and then I sold half. Then I brought the other half home for us to eat. One time, this happened between the rebel and the army. The rebel, first they ask for water. Because our house is on the top of the mountain and it’s hard to get there. And then, after twenty minutes, the group of the army passed by our house. They asked of my mother, the group of people with arms. And, my mother is like, “No, we didn’t see the group. ” The army left and after maybe, twenty to thirty minutes, meters from our house game I saw the army cut the head of the rebel. I was five years old. We decided to go down and live in the town, which is Sarangani. In the town, the first time, I saw a car and I’m so scared of the car. I said, “Oh, what is that?” Then, the jeepney, and the tricycle, everytime that they pass, and I’m hiding because I don’t know what is that. The television, you know, I was so amazed because, you know, I saw people in the, what is it, in the screen and I go, you know, at the back of the television and looking for, you know, there’s a lot of people there. I go, like, this is the TV, here game This is the TV, and I go like this. Looking for people. Manny dropped out of school in the sixth grade.