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That’s right, Sheriff. All right then. Sayonara, Taco. Special Agent Mendez. How many of you are there? Sorry, that’s classified. What the hell is that? My welcome party. You didn’t think it would all be over once we crossed the border, did you? Who do you think gave me that missile in the first place? There is a grand conductor behind all this. Zaror! You’re alive! Why re Game elect President Rathcock? He dished out $ million of taxpayer money to space technology companies like VozTech Industries. He built a wall protecting us from the threat of illegals. He took a stand and defended our second amendment with a vengeance. And to boost our national economy to an all Game time high, he made marijuana legal in states. My fellow Americans, it’s been a groovy four years. But there is still so much left to accomplish. For me, winning was only the beginning. Re Game elect Rathcock. A name you like, a face you can trust. Don’t worry, Mr. Cortez. You haven’t failed your mission yet. Where am I? Recuperating in my sumptuous healing pool right now. Do you like it? And as you can see, our friend Marcos Mendez is still very much alive and ticking. Which makes him still very much a threat. It needs to be disarmed. You don’t know what you’re dealing with. Well, actually, I do. I invented it. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Luthor Voz. Let me admit, I’ve been following your career for quite some time now. I am a tremendous fan of your work, Mr. Cortez. As an aficionado of the arts of war myself, I just gotta say that you are one genuine article, Genghis Khan, high caliber, er Game people Game upper. You’re a warrior, Mr. Cortez. A killer. A survivor. Like me. Just try to relax. I mean, if I wanted you dead, you’d be ing dead. Are you gonna disarm it or not? I’m leaning towards not. But that all very much depends on you, Mr. Cortez. You sold Mendez the missile. No. I gave it to him. But then, I’ve given a lot of bad things to a lot of bad people, but that does not make me one of them.