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Semerkandi says if there is a mountain where the sun rises, a mountain where the sun sets, and a stream in the middle Game all the shadows in the middle are fıIled with jinns. It’s as if he was describing this place. What was that noiit came from overthere. It sounded like someone crying. Yes, a woman’s crying. Stop. I’ll film this. Wait forme. It came from here. Games Keep walking. Slowly, be careful. Did you hearthat? Games I did. Faruk hoca wait. It’s coming from here. Be careful. Can you see anything? Faruk hoca calm down are you okay Games Fine, where is it? No, no it’s gone. It was going to bite me Games calm down it’s gone did it go overthere? Games See, it’s not there, it’s gone. Come on let’s get into the car. Games Come on let’s get out of here Damn it, I dropped the camera, is it broken? No, it’s fıne. Okay, go to the car Games You go ahead. Come I am an animal lover but I was scared to death. I’ll put it out if you’re bothered. Games No, it’s not that. Since you’re a doctor. When I was a third year in med school we had a teacherthat told us Game Game about the harmful effects of smoking called selim gürgen but he was an addict too. Whose graves are these? Are those bones? Curious. Faruk hoca don’t go in. What are those. They are bones. Aren’t these masonic signs? Games But this is different. How so? Games I’m gueesing they did something here. What? When the animals of villagers suddenly died Game they would sacrifıce them and let the blood flow to the ground. And they would position the bones like this this is a strange wishing tree. They have hung everything here, are those intestines Oh my God they’re on me. They’re in my hair. Games Wait a second Game Graveyard, mausoleum, the bone charm, symbols Game What is it? Bring the light. Bring it. Games What does it say? Seven Games one Games seven Games fıve. Seventyone Games seventyfiıve. Games Someone carved it wishing forsomething. Some wishing trees are just forevil.