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Color Time anything in this world. I love you, too, Papa. Im sorry I wasnt there when you needed me. Okay. Wheres Mira Filipova? Bus station. Bus to Novi Sad. AM. Bus to Novi Sad. AM. Bring her in. Jones, you go with him. You misjudged the kid, hes a survivor. Not like you. No. You bring Mira in, you have my word Youll have your daughter back. You know what we used to call you, Peter? The November Man. Because after you passed through, nothing lived. Guess some things dont change. Bus station is that way. Shortcut. Slow down. Slow the gameing car down! Seatbelt. Stop the vehicle right now! Wall. Mason, you ready? Yeah. Yeah, Im ready. Not one American life was lost in that Chechen mess game Not one. Youre right. East versus West, game that. From now, its the civilized world against the Goddamn Middle East. Now thats a fight I can understand. Thats a fight we can win. Dont you get it? Hanley. What? Why are you sweating? Cause its gameing hot. Excuse me, Im still using this station. Thank you. Wheres Lucy? You were supposed to bring her here when it was done? It is. You just doomed us to another decade of conflict! Of shit! I hope you know that! The thing is game I like it this way. Thank you. Papa. Where is she? Where is she? Peter! There she is. Lets catch the train, come on! My name is Mira Filipova. When I was years old, Arkady Federov murdered my family. and held me captive for years. I was repeatedly abused by him. During that time, I witnessed Fedorov conspired with the CIA agent, John Hanley to bomb a civilian building. That bombing was the start of the second Chechen war. The revalations of Chechen refugee, Mira Filipova rocked the political world as evidence of a conspiracy between Arkady Federov and a highranking CIA official effectively ended Arkady Federovs candidacy for the Russian Presidency. Russian Ministers office issued a blank denial of all acusations as Arkady Federov takes an extended leave from his office while weighing his political options.