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What about Rupert? He’s staying, I think he get’s on with Meryl. How did he get on this ship in the first place? He was a loader, we left with him still onboard. It was five weeks until we reached somewhere to when we did he decided to stay. Alright, he’s keeping his head down I think he’s useful. He hasn’t killed us yet has he? He left the reactor shield off last month, nearly exposed us both, and killed Meryl I didn’t know about that, hmm! Probably best. So what are you on for this? I don’t think you can ask me that. Come on, I used to be your rank yes, but. Come on. Thirty four. A year? No, for the trip. What? What? Oh , what did I do? Meryl? Meryl? The tunnel and the running lights are still on, I’ll get. No no no, it’s probably just the bridge relays, I’ll. What about that? No, try the backups. Jesus, you scared the out of me you ing idiot. You know if I had a choice, you’d be straight off. Rupert, the radio’s still down. Yeah yeah, I’ll look at it. All these breakdowns are worrying me man I think we should just Games Rupert, just get back to work yeah! Just make sure this dust bin, gets us home without killing us I have a life to get back to I don’t take orders from you, you little ! Then why don’t you disappear down that little you scratch around in all day, and look for. Why don’t you come down? I’ll show you! Yeah, I’ll throw you our the ing airlock! Rupert, can you get this radio sorted out now! I’ll look at it next. Just do what you’ve got to do! I’ll be down the back. Where are you going? Oh, off! My watch is over! Communications failure, attempting to re-link, wait. Communications failure, attempting to re-link, wait I have failed my primary mission. Paula’s death was unfortunate. It is regrettable when a crew member is killed I could not stop the leak in that section. Space is dangerous, hostile to human life. Her death would have been instant. Do you consider your existence? We don’t have much time to think about that. Sometimes I think the commander must wish he wasn’t living. What do you mean?