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Coloring Book time 4 There, on the tip of the bed. You think so? So what’s going on? Mom’s having a relapse, right? A relapse of what? Of that brain tumor. You can tell me. Oh no. It was benign. So there’s no possible relapse. Didn’t we tell you? Really? It was benign? Of course. What did you think? We were lying? Just to reassure me. Your mother is doing well. She’s fine. Are you breaking up? No, but she did leave. It was building up. Not necessarily. Not exactly. Did it? She didn’t tell you anything? She didn’t call you? She certainly ran out of battery She doesn’t have her charger? Where is she? With Sonia? Did you know it’s actually Sonja with a j? Your mother’s in the Chamoiselle forest. We went hiking last Saturday, And it looks like she stayed there. You had a fight and she didn’t come home with you? That’s it? She hitchhiked or took a train. She must be with someone now. With Sonia, who won’t tell you, or in Nimes with Grandma. No, I know her. She’s there somewhere. Trust me. I wanted you to know and not to worry about it. You know her? You know her. That’s all you have to say. You know her so well you think she could consider living in the forest. Go get her! What are you doing here? Call the cops! You say you know her? I know her too. Mom’s been in the forest for a week? This is bad Pierre. Well I don’t really know game I’m not sure. Not sure. Not necessarily. Not exactly. What do you want? And what about her? What the fuck does she want? Come here. Come. Commit suicide. Rip your own skin off. Cook yourself. Your wife will be saved. It won’t last between you. kilometers of paths. . hectares! Alright. Big mammals including wild boars, and deers. Wild boars! Birds game Among the most interesting species, there’s the European beeeater, middlespotted woodpeckers, black woodpeckers, Dartford warblers game Wood warblers. Western Bonelli’s warblers, really not the same. Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! game Hello! Does it bother you if I don’t talk? If I say nothing? No, no. I’m the silent type. Very, very silent. A sphinx.