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GROANS STONEBANKS SIGHS Looking a little strungout there, kids. And this is what you get for being pawns in Barney’s moral chess game. That one looks a little slack. STONEBANKS SIGHS GROANS You know, I feel most bad for you. I don’t give a shit how you feel. I do. I have a daughter. I have feelings. Anyway, you know, when the CIA game I presume that’s who you’re working for. The CIA. Am I right? I bet you don’t even know who you’re working for. LAUGHS What, for Barney? Do you know who he’s working for? Does he know who he’s working game It gets very confusing. Anyway, when the CIA wanted guys doing the dangerous work in the dangerous places, they called us. When they didn’t wanna get their hands dirty, they called us. Yep. We cleared every hotspot they had. We bumped the bad guys so that the good guys could roll in lookin’ like heroes. We killed a lot. But we saved more lives than you can possibly imagine. Then, the boys on the Hill, wanting no loose ends, tried to bury me. I was an American working for America. Was. They’d eat their own children. The lesson here is never do business with the government. But I’m gonna save you that heartache. You never will. THORN GRUNTS THORN SIGHS So you’re getting your old team? No, I burned that bridge. You know, your pride is gonna get you killed. Better me than them. So, you’re really gonna go back? Yeah. Alone? Yeah. You’re an idiot. Thanks for showing up. I guess our favors are done. But you’re still an idiot! How the hell did you find me? People talk. I hear things. You got a mission. I can help. My name is Galgo. Let me fill you in. l am good. Very good. At warfare. You know, good memory. Afraid of nothing. I want to be your friend. I don’t need a friend. Yes, you do. Everybody does. You know, I don’t have any friends. That’s why I know. But besides my friendship issues, what I really need now is something to do. Well, not just anything, but what I was born to do. Best bet, this is a oneway trip. Excuse me, sir, but oneway trip is better than no way. Which is the way I live now.