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GROWLING See what I mean? EXCLAIMING FULI CHUCKLING That’s right! Keep going! Comin’ thru! And, Beshte! Now! Outta the way! Twende Kiboko! LOUD CRASH Simba, Nala, look! HYENAS YELPING RAFIKI: Kion’s Lion Guard! LAUGHS They have Janja and the hyenas on the run! That’s our boy! GASPS But the herd! It’s charging right towards Kiara! Oh, no! Kiara! Agh! Help! Kion! Kiara’s hurt! Okay. We need to get to her fast. I’m the fastest there is. But what do I do once I’m there? Just get me close! I’ll take it from there. Bunga? Don’t worry, Kion. This time, yours truly has a plan! Okay. Hurry. This way! Zuka Zama! Kiara’s trapped behind that rock. Uhh, I can’t get any closer. Then this is where I get off! Hang on, Kiara! Whoo! Ha ha! hh! Zuka Zama! Bunga? Have you lost your mind? Never had one, Kiara! Now, if you don’t mind game Scram ya, goofy gazelles! Take this! HISSING Uncle Pumbaa taught me that one. COUGHS Thanks, Bunga. You might be stinky, but you sure are brave. Kion! Bunga and Fuli did it! Kiara’s safe! Great! Have them regroup with us at the edge of the field. It’s time to give Janja and his hyenas something to remember. Mom! Dad! Kiara! You’re safe. I might not be if it weren’t for Kion and his friends. I guess he knew what he was doing when he picked them. He did, didn’t he? Look! Look! Well, if it isn’t Kion the lion cub. You and your friends better leave now, before you get hurt. We’re the Lion Guard, Janja. We defend the Circle of Life. You and your kind are not welcome in the Pride Lands. Ever! ROARS LOUDLY HYENAS SHOUTING Zuka Zama! Now that’s the Roar! Oh! Did you hear that? Kion. Whoa. YELPING You win today, Kion. Next time won’t be so easy. See, Simba? You see? Huh? He is ready! It is time! Simba? Yes. Kion is ready. It is time. SIMBA: Time for the Lion Guard. SINGING There’s a time in life when you may get a great calling And it seems so big at times you feel like you may be falling If you believe in who you are there’s no need to go running You found a place with your friends