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Cheers. You don’t understand. He’s not what you think he is. He is really sweet and it is exciting to be with him. Just because you have a boring life doesn’t mean I have to. If I have a boring life, it’s because I gave up my life for you. Oh, Frankie, you take my breath away. You can have mine. You’re a joker. Go on, get in the car. Hurry up. Esmeralda’s Barn made money like a dream. Two thousand pounds a week pure profit. There was nothing to do but enjoy it. Owning that casino meant everything to Reggie. He’d finally crossed the line between the old East End and the green pastures of the Golden West. He was becoming a celebrity himself. As long as their health didn’t suffer, the high rollers loved rubbing elbows with gangsters. Aristocrats and criminals have a lot in common. They’re both selfish, get bored easily game and have access to wads of cash they didn’t have to work honestly to get. The topper? Neither have any interest in bourgeois rules or morality. Put it all together with a roulette wheel game a stunning recipe for success. Ron was the odd man out. His pills stabilized him, but they’d never cure him. Club land held little charm game and he yearned for Reggie and the dark side of gangland. As soon as you turn your back game life plays dirty tricks on ya, y’know? We wouldn’t spend Christmas together that year. There was an old warrant on Reggie. The last six months on his sentence was on appeal, but it was denied. He was to surrender in the morning. My real life was about to begin. See you in a bit. See ya later, Reg. So long, Reg. Frank. Will you look after your sister while I’m gone? I will, Reg. Yeah? Yeah. Good lad. Move it, Kray. Stop on the line. You’re nothing in here. him. him up. Leave him alone, Gibbsy. Bury him, Reggie . Shut up, all of ya. Come on, Reg. Don’t let them do you like this . You’re not so tough now, are ya, eh? Give that bastard some back. You’re nothing in here. Nothing. please, no more, governor. No more, please. That’s more like it, Reggie. Please? A little respect doesn’t hurt, does it?