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Coop Catch 2 Her phone’s inactive why would it be inactive? Still like Hyun Woo I’ve known well Until now you still can’t forget that man To have someone that’s still unclear, neither a friend nor a lover Two person who love each other A strange relationship Right now, a younger man is after her. But, feels a little guilty True. Feels guilty for you I know it all and I don’t mind it so, it’s alright I’m happy to even become the third person. The important thing is there’s love What now, let me wait for you?lHow can it be? I have you let it go I’m not that kind of man. I won’t ever stay still if I see those two together Min A breaks up with me Why?lShe won’t ever be there for me anymore I really can’t do anything. I’m really hurt here It’s so strange What should I do now, my friend sekarang aku harus bagaimana?lWhy are you crying? I feel sorry for her It’s alright. Is she the only woman there is? Thank you My love won’t change Yes, love won’t change, only people does This is..lYou scared me. What are you doing there? ”My love won’t ever change” You two came together. Better let him eat some noodle before leaving Get lostlDo you still want to be with him? Why are you doing thins to me?lWhy? You game Don’t have game with him Why?lIt’s just.. don’t. Such an awful mannerslWhat? Right, I’m rude. You feel better now? Are you happy that boy is after you. What a shameless woman People must know this. People, Hyun Woo is going to punch me! Are you crazy? As of now, I won’t let you hit me anymore. Why should I let you hit me? Don’t you know why I always let you hit me? Do you know the meaning of love? The true love? You just love your own self Don’t you ever thought of that man is married? That he’s taken away from his wife? But you’re not, right? That’s why you only think of your feelings and cried It’s been years I’ve been keeping you safe. From your back, you should’ve at least looked back at me It’s only you that’s heartbroken? My heart’s broken, too! No one’s asked you to love me! We must not meet each other anymore Can you stay away from me?