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Cosmic Magic 3 Didn’t you want to teach him a lesson? Now you want to flee at the sight of trouble. Guys, stop it! You got us all in trouble. Have you all lost your minds? Have you all lost your minds? We’re friends and you’re hitting each other! Great miss motivational speaker is at it again. This is all your fault. Shut up! Get out of the way, Dev! How many times did I tell you not to pick a fight with Cheeni? Did you listen to me? Nunu had just touched you. He didn’t rape you!! Adi! Hit me! Hit me again! Dev! Hit me again! Adi! Listen game To heck with it game Go and hit him again. Happy now? Devi! Devi! Devi game Gaurav game Doctor, Dev is having a cardiac arrest. Dev! Dev! Everybody out game Doctor, call for crash cart. Please, call for crash cart. Vaccine to me administered. milligrams. Please move out. Please move out. Check oxygen level. Nurse, check the body parameters. Check for code blue. Nurse, give me a syringe. Vaccine administered. One, two, three game Connect the syringe to take blood. Check the syringe for blood. One, two, three game Will Delhi witness a change? Ankita Jain signing off from Fortis hospital with cameraman Gaurav, Delhi. Doctors have been fighting against all odds to revive Dev Majumdar. Who will win this fight? Will the truth prevail? There many questions being asked? Does a man have to pay such a heavy price in order to save a woman’s selfesteem? Are commissions appointed just to cover the evidence of a crime? Give me a towel. How dense is this mesh of ministers and police department? Is this case backed by Minister Rajbeer Singh Alhawat? This is Sakshi Singh signing off with cameraman Montu, City News. Hariram, you’ve chosen the appropriate party symbol. A drum that beats from both the sides. Grandma, you’ve been smoking that hookah for far too long. Everyone has lost it. Hello, Minister, I mean Chief Minister game How are you? What are you talking about? That kid has put up a stop sign before I can become the Chief Minister! Which kid game What stop sign game Stop being a douchebag! Switch on the