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Cosmopilot 22 to have drinks together’ Welcome. . Min Ah . Hello JM? There’s a new dance bar nearby. He’s been going there these days Dance bar? You should be going together Bring him here, oppa. He always sees me as a child But, is there a problem with Hyun Woo? Hurts? I’m hurt too. Feels painful deep here, hurts so much Need a hand? I admit, I love that man. I really want to have him I want to introduce him to everyone, I want to hold hands with him on the street I want to do what normal people do Normal? Isn’t he married now? This is a heartbreaking love Let’s laugh off our dying feelings A person who’s going to confess, burned a house instead. Other person plays a sad teary drama Turned into a total chaosl Enough. Let’s just drink Why? Do you want me to get kicked off? If you dare to do it, you’re dead!l No, I won’t dare It’s because of this, she breaks up with you. So sensitive Thanks. Even if it’s hard to believe, it’s the truth. I don’t have the right to lie With only one word, I’ve became so sensitive It’s too much game l It’s better with more drinks. My feeling’s in this state, can’t I drink? I’ll drink alone Cut it a little! Is it not hot? I really game look! Today, my feeling’s great. I’m a mess. Don’t even know what a love is Why are you doing this to me? Am I not clear enough? Let’s call noona.l So sleepy That temper and her violence, Uncontrollable desire for drinks That’s my partner Kim Hyun Woo I don’t think you’re hurt because of love, but you’re not loved, that’s why you’re upset Shut up, jerk!l My ear! What do you want? Whom you’ll call? I miss him.l Don’t! Don’t! Why you game this girl! Hi game It’s me I’m drinking with a guy. On his back right now He’s carrying me right now. You’re okay with that? Silence, people might hear you. What should I say? Hi, I’m the guy Break up? Today, I broke up with my girlfriend too Jerk! I don’t care! Walk faster.l Ugh! My back! It hurts so much game Kang Joon Soo! What happened? Why did I sleep in the living room?I It was you who pull the blanket and slept there yourself Ugh,