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and saw my dad. Yeah? He wasn’t fixing the barbecue. He was in my neighbour’s backyard Games with no pants. He was exposing himself to their family dog. Whoa! Apparently, he’d been doing it for months. Basset hound. He moved out after that. I’ve never told that story to anyone. We’ve never going to get out of here, are we? Does not look like it. All the roads will be blocked just like that one. They’ll be looking for us especially. Hmm. On the bright side, no more lines at the DMV. Yeah. I bet some of those workers will be more lively as zombies. Mmmm! Rrrgh! Organ donor! Delicious! HE LAUGHS What was that? Is that Games My zombie. I didn’t know zombies sounded like that. Yeah. You’ve heard them, right? No, I haven’t heard them talk. THEY LAUGH Oh, my God! Only you could make me laugh at a time like this. That’s mostly what I remember about the night that we hung out. Was you just cracking me up. SHE CHUCKLES No one thinks I’m funny. They just think I’m strange or Games awkward or Games I say the wrong thing. I’m so dumb to think that I could be an on-air anchor. I think you’d make a great news anchor. Plus I’ve always wanted to slap the tan right off of Brent Masters’ face. SHE LAUGHS Oh! Oh, my God, Ryan! Ryan, we have to go, now. Whoa, whoa, whoa! Where’s the fire? You mentioning Brent Masters back there. If the outside world could see what was actually going on here, the government would have to do something. The people would demand it. We’d have a chance. Yeah, but how? All communications have been shut down. Phone, cable, internet, cell towers. Not satellite. Get the lead out. Our signal goes out to most of the outlying counties, sometimes as far as Canada. Where is everyone though? I don’t know. It would be a skeleton crew because of the holiday, but Games SNARLING The morning staff briefing. SHE LAUGHS Livelier than usual. Hey, that’s Misty Raines. Ah, they’re still smiling. She’s got so much Botox in her face I don’t know if she’s ever going to decompose. And that’s Jerry Chavez, sports. Oh, and he brought his