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Good, bite it. Little guy! Bite it, that’s it, hard! -And for me? -Wait, I think I’ve got another. -Will this do? -Yes, perfect. -Thank you. -There, bite it hard. Teresa! Teresa! Go with your side. Sit down. Teresa. Teresa, I need you to listen to me. We have to get out of here. It’s too dangerous out there. This ceiling could collapse at any moment. If we’re gonna die, let’s at least die in the light. Come on. Don’t look. Shut your eyes. -What happened to them? -Nothing, they’re asleep. Marco! Marta! We have to get out of this city. Come on. Go! Marta. This way. This way. Come on! Come on. Hurry up! Help! Come on! Teresa, are you all right? We have to keep going. Yeah. I’m okay. I’m okay. Henry, are you all right? Promise me you won’t give up. Don’t speak. Just save your energy. Okay, I got you. All right, I’m gonna pick you up. Okay? I’m gonna carry you. You’ll follow your heart? I will. I will. Tell the story to the world. Henry. We need help. Sorry. There’s nothing I can do. I’m so sorry. They will take care of her. Henry. Henry. Are you fine? I heard on the radio. I need you to take us to the Press Office. Yes. Yes. Come on. -You have to go. -What are you doing? I don’t know. Go. Stop! Don’t move! One more step and I’ll shoot. I need a line to New York. Whatever they need. Listen, George. Here’s your damn war story. Twenty-six April, . Gernika. Don’t give a damn if you use my name or you have someone else sign it. But it’s the story I want printed. Ready? A very small town in the north of Spain is about to become very famous, but for all the wrong reasons. you can’t even touch bat on ball what right do you have to live? He said he could play And you bloody believed him Mangya, come on Don’t swing the bat before see the ball Now you watch. I’ll hit the six You are of no use you just hit the last ball, i don’t care. if he hits a six. A cash price of Rs. where’s parshya? No idea if mangesh hits a six.. our young leader, Nagesh Dada has announced a cash prize of Rs Just one fight atmosphere tight