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This way, boy. What you seek is inside. Enter at your peril. How old are you, boy? Nearly sixteen seasons. You are a dwarf, then. Even small things can be useful game and some large things not. You’re funny. Perhaps I should hang you above the fire game keep you as my entertainment. Or a tasty treat. What do you think? Nothing? I caught this fellow hunting on my lands. See what I did to him? Why aren’t you laughing, boy? Why are you here? Tell me game and I’ll decide game whether to kill you and eat you, or not. I follow a man game he is called Wirepa. Even now he walks through your lands game as if you do not exist. Be quiet! Mind those wives of mine, boy. You know what they are doing? They eat these mushrooms game and their heads fill with visions game and they talk to the dead. Finish your story then game and we’ll see if I eat you. What is it? A lizard on my staff game it is a bad omen. Or not. I told you we would be cursed. This is proof. The creature has polluted my weapon. I cannot use it now. We must leave this place. Fool! It is a genuine omen. We are cursed game that is what it says. You can hear it talk, can you? Sleep. Tomorrow we move on game and all will be as before. The boy reminds you of your own dishonour game that much is plain. You won’t escape this life so easily. Until you die, I cannot kill myself. I am trapped in this dishonour with you. Seeing you suffer game is the only pleasure left to me. Help the boy. Why? Give his blood to your ancestors. Ask their forgiveness game so that you might join them in the afterlife. And then we both can die. Stupid woman! You think a dwarf’s blood game will make them forgive me for what I have clone? Yes! Because he is a prize. He is a prize! Because he is everything game that you are not. We are going south game leaving this place. Good. I do not want to share my glory with you. Go. Well game anyone else want to go with them? No? Then move. There is no glory lying here. I feel there is something wrong, with these lands. So what of it? The spirits cry at us game and yet,