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Daddy. Merry Christmas, my Léa. Your drawing made me so happy. I’ve another present. I got an on my exam. Very good! I’m moving up, too. Like you. I’m giving you a big kiss. Big kiss. How are you? Has the storm calmed down? I didn’t think game I didn’t think game I miss you so much! You too. Hello? Yann? Can you hear me? I copy. Despite Dantesque weather, you’re moving up in the ranks. You’re now in th position. I’m doing my best to overtake the lead group headed by Juhel. For your first Vendée Globe, you’re becoming a legend. Not quite yet. I’m glad I’m in the leading group. It’s an accomplishment. Congratulations, Yann, and thanks. Holy shit! Shit! What did you do? You dropped back. You’re too south. I’m lame! I fell asleep. Manage your sleep! Are you just stupid? Who do you think you’re talking to? Someone unconscious! Wanna screw it all up? You’re responsible for that boat. Don’t linger there, it’s dangerous! Hear me? Move north. That’s what I’m doing. He hung up on me. Here. Shit! Mano? Shit! Yes, doctor game Hi, Yann. Everything OK? No, not really. I feel weak. I have a headache, feel dizzy, I took some aspirin, that’s all. Do you have a fever, any pain? I have some pain in my chest, yeah! And game I have a °F fever. . Okay. Get out the digital stethoscope. Do you hear me? Yeah, I hear you. Wait. I’m hooking it up. I’m hooked up. Put it against your chest. OK. Breathe deeply now. Breathe in. I’m breathing deeply. Three times. OK, take your blood pressure, and send it to me. I’ll call you back. It’s going to be OK. Are you cold? Put your hands under here. So, Sardine, playing solo in the South? Yeah, I screwed up, I slept like a rock. Know what the greatest sailor Juhel says? Go on, spit out your bullshit. A true sailor sleeps before falling asleep. He is cured before getting sick. You hear me? Yeah, I hear you before you speak. Yann, I have the results. It’s a type of anemia, sicklecell. Does it run in your family? You sure? Listen, take four tablets of vitamins B and B a day and above all, lots of fluids