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But aren’t you curious to find out? What about our home? I don’t think our home exists anymore. Maybe the way to he p Chicago is going beyond the wa. And what if there’s nothing out there? What if there is nothing eft? I can ive with that if you’re with me. But I cannot ive without trying. You know, it’s Ca eb’s tria tomorrow. Yeah, I know. I don’t owe him anything. No. No, you don’t. I’m gonna dea with this one. You think I’m asking your permission? No, p ease, Four. No. Four. Four, p ease, don’t ki me, I’m sorry. Four, I’m sorry! You tri to ki your own sister, Ca eb. You brought this on yourse f. I’m sorry. For everything. Come on. We’re going up. Come on, come on. Beatrice? Wa k s ow y. Hey! A Erudite prisoners are suppos to be ock in the cages. Stop! I can hand e this one myse f. Bring ’em in! You can come out now, Ca eb. Thank you, Four. Thank you. Don’t thank me. It’s your sister’s idea. You sav me? It’s what you do for fami y. Get in the car. I knew it. Hey, partners. What are you doing, Peter? Get out of here. Yeah, that’s what I’m doing. I’m getting out of here. ook, I don’t wanna be here when your crazy mom goes around ki ing everybody who us to work for Jeanine, okay? ook, I can join you guys, or I cou d Radio ye , “He p! He p! Hey, they’re getting away!” Peter, get in the car. That’s what I’m saying. Get in the car. Thank you. What’s up, Ca eb? Yeah! You want the truth? He’s dead! Yeah! Justice for a ! You do have a p an, right? I didn’t hear anything about a prisoner transfer. We , you’re hearing it from me. et me see your movement order. I got it. Right here. I got everything, just open the gate. One more, come on, you want one more? Yeah Radio Edgar! Tobias Eaton took Ca eb Prior out of his cage. Come on, et’s go, now. Come on, et’s do some more! You a statue? Open the gate. Did they come through here? et’s get out of here. They’re getting away. Tobias Eaton is abetting Ca eb Prior’s escape. That makes him a traitor. Shoot to ki. Nobody goes over that wa. We have our orders. You ready? Yeah.