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I was wondering when you’d have the courage to face me. Three weeks you eave me here. I ran a faction! I protect our son from Jeanine’s thugs. Protect him? Is that what you ca it? Beating your own chi d! It made him who he is. Make sure he gets a good dose. Tobias Radio I’m just trying to he p you to be better. I’m s Radio I’m s Radio I’m sorry, but Radio Who are you? Huh Radio Just imagine if you re eas this on the A egiant. Not even Johanna wi remember a time that you weren’t in charge. Who exact y to d you about this? You have a very powerfu friend on the outside if you choose to engage instead of prepare. Does this friend have a name? David. David? You can te my friend I’m not gonna use that thing un ess it’s a ast resort. Why wou d David support Eve yn? Doesn’t make any sense. Are you okay? I was worri about you. Eve yn, you ne to make peace with the A egiant. No. Johanna made her choice. I never want this war, but I wi end it, I promise you. You have no idea what you’re up against. Johanna is not the issue. ook, I know you’re angry at me and I understand that. I’m just Radio I never meant Radio This is hard for me, too. I don’t wanna have to keep you in here. Then et me out. I can’t. I have responsibi ities. One day you’ understand that, but right now I ne you to stay here. I’m gonna finish this. One way or another. How are you gonna finish this? Hey, don’t worry. You won’t have to be here for ong. What Radio What are you ta king about? We , Eve yn’s deciding now. If she uses the memory serum, Chicago might forget its own name. We have to go. Get Christina and meet me outside. Where are we going? Home. Access granted. How’s it going in Chicago? Making sure it’s safe from Eve yn and the Faction ess? Tris, you ne to forget about Chicago. You know, it’s rea y funny, David. You’ve been watching me for years and you don’t know anything about me. You’re wiping the memories of everyone in Chicago, aren’t you? A right, uh, no Radio You were never supporting the A egiant. These peop e treat you terrib y.