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Crazy Cat She was standing there, looking. I turned and walked towards the door, and she was still looking at the spot I was standing in. You were gone. Yeah, but, you see, I didn’t exist then. Right. So I said, Ma’am, and she was startled. She looked and she said, Uh, yeah. I said, He’ll be all right. Go on. You know, tell him you love him or something. Yeah? I’ll never forget that. Me neither. What does Sharky think he’s going to miss? I mean, it’s all on tape, anyway. Well, he’s enjoying it, maybe. You like looking at broads? He could take minutes to take a shower. What’s he gonna miss? I mean, she’s just Game You want some chicken? Game walking around. You know I don’t like chicken, Papa. Jesus. Man, you don’t like anything good. You don’t like chicken. You don’t like ribs. You don’t like hamburgers. You eat that Jap . That raw . It’s metaphysical. Metaphysical? Yeah. Raw fish is metaphysical? Sure. in’ worms in it? Comes from the earth. It’s good for you. Know what it does for you? Got iodine. All right. What’d it do for them Japs? You ever see a Jap who was more than feet tall? Yeah, but they’re very spiritual. You gonna tell me some more of that Zen ? That’s right. You notice how they can go out and live in a jungle off of just nothing? It’s all in the philosophy. It’s in their attitude about life. We eat too much in this country. No ? That’s right. Besides, ribs will kill you. How the hell did I ever wind up with you? Jesus Christ. Hey. I appreciate you guys letting me take a shower. Well, we appreciate you taking a shower. You can leave now. Smelled like the bottom of a lion cage. Go ahead. It’s Don That’s him, I think. It sure as hell is. I had to be with you What about the security men? I’ll only stay minutes OK minutes Hello, there, Don. Come on in. How come we don’t hear him any better? Let him get in the door. Jesus. God damn. That’s him. It’s gonna be a landslide. I can feel it Mmm. Does that mean I get to have my house? How much do we pay our governor, anyway? You’re in that house, whether I win or not I already bought it.