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Crazy Fruit 4 And you didn’t? Then who used your phone? I left it in the class room! Don’t you raise your voice to me. Sorry, I’m late. Hey, babe. I need a new phone, too. It won’t even download. Andreas was in a row at school today. Lars, he’s really upset. You want to tell Daddy about it? The teacher told me off, and I didn’t even do anything. I have to call Knutte. Knutte, it’s me. Did you get those cable trays yet? Wonderful. Could you come in a bit earlier tomorrow? Let’s try to get back on schedule. Great. Talk to you later. Sorry, you were saying? Someone took my cell phone from my bag and they wrote this text Game Yeah? Lars! I’m full. Right. Sounds good. Talk to you soon, Carsten. Go away. Kiddo, what happened at school? It doesn’t matter. It does matter. I was an idiot. I don’t want to be in that shitty class. I have no friends. I don’t want to live in this shitty country. You promised things would get better, but you’re working just as much. How about Game ? How about we take a trip to Sweden? We could fish, light a camp fire and have fun. The whole family. Would you like that? Let’s do that, then. I love you. Oliver’s parents are fighting to have him removed from the school. She is a Nobel Peace Prize nominee known to million people but virtually unknown in her home country. Handball star Laerke Moeller has been injured yet again Game Can we have a talk? Sure. Is something wrong? No. What do you mean? Are you unhappy here in Denmark? No, I’m not. Aren’t you pleased to be back? I’m very pleased to be back. I know you did it for me. If I hadn’t been so unhappy out there Game Don’t bother yourself with that. I’m happy to be home again. The kids are doing great, and you’re feeling better, right? You just don’t seem happy. Is the company doing badly? No, nothing like that. Some people are pissed off that we won another contract. Who’s pissed off? A man named Persson threatened me after the contract awarding today. He threatened you? With what? Well, he just confronted me. It’s just that it was really intimidating, you know?