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Critter Speed Escape Don’t worry. She’s completely deaf. How can she carry on conversations? Because she reads lips. But only in English. So feel free to talk, because, in addition, while she’s eating, she notices nothing else. Watch this. Auntie. l’m marrying Tita because the poor girl’s crazy. Tita, the wedding is next week, so if there’s a problem, let’s discuss it now. John, we’d better cancel the wedding. But why? Don’t make me tell you now. You don’t love me anymore? l don’t know. While you were away, l was with a man whom l have always loved. l lost my virginity. That’s why we can’t get married. Do you love him more than you love me? When you’re not here, l feel that he’s the one l love. But when l see you, everything changes. With you, l feel calm, safe, at peace Game But l don’t know Game l don’t know. lt’s so nice to see a young woman in love cry from happiness. When l was about to be married, oh, many times, l cried, too. Always. Yes, well, l think we should not embarrass Tita anymore with our compliments. Excuse me. What’s going on? Tita Game l don’t care what happened. lt’s not important if it didn’t change what’s essential. l want to be your partner for life. You decide whether you want me to be your partner. lf you say yes, we’ll get married in a few days. lf not, l’ll be the first to congratulate Pedro, and also the first to ask him Game To demand that he give you what you deserve. Remember the first time we heard that song? l’ll never forget. l didn’t sleep that night, thinking about asking for your hand. l didn’t know it would take years before l could ask you again to be my wife. Do you mean that? Of course! l don’t want to Game without having you be my wife. l always dreamed of walking with you into a church full of white flowers and you, the most beautiful of them all. Dressed in white? Of course! There’s nothing to stop you. Besides, l want us to have a child. There’s still time, don’t you think? Now that Esperanza is married and is leaving, we’ll need company. And no one can convince me otherwise.