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it? If there’s a bigger buzz-kill than you, sir, I do not know what that looks like. I’m just saying that we should celebrate planting a tree with the children, rather than destroying one. “We”? Yeah, you know. I mean, people, Earth. A-huh. But you said “the children”. If you meant children in general, you would’ve said something like Games Oh, my God! That sweater! GROANING Ruby? Honey, are you okay? Look out! Well, it looks like she’s full-on zombie, let’s jet. Wait! We can’t leave her like that. What do you suggest? GLASS SHATTERS, GROANING Tap, tap. Use our bullets on her? It’s the right thing to do. Besides, you said you don’t want to use them. But the gun’s in the car. SNORTING AND SNARLING Here. You distract her and lead her outside. I’ll do the rest. Hey! Sale on flesh over here! Ruby? SHRIEKING Deb! What’s going on? Get on the roof! Trust me! I don’t trust you! RYAN YELLING Yahtzee! Did I hurt you in a past life or something? I just thought maybe you’re right. Maybe they’ll find a cure for this some day. Well, if I can change one mind. Hey Games You saved a zombie, kid, you didn’t undo apartheid. BANGING Okay, let’s go find your peeps. Hang in there, Rubs. RYAN: It’s up here on the right. Good. That’s Stacy’s car. I’m glad she knew to come here. DEB: Yay! So glad Stacy isn’t dead. Look, Deb, I hope this isn’t going to be Games HORN BLARES Are you out of your mind? What? We both agreed we’re not going to leave this car again. Until we get here, yeah! Obviously, we have to get out to collect them. We don’t even know if they’re in there. Trust me, they are. We always get together on the Fourth. It’s my dad’s favourite holiday. Well, prepare yourself. They may not be the people you remember. Oh, I have no doubt they’ll be unrelenting flesh-eating monsters, but I bet they won’t be zombies. Okay. I deserve the things I want. My needs are worthwhile. I’m not hurting anyone by being myself. What are you doing, Rain Man? I like to take a second to centre myself every time I come here. I deserve the things I want.