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that helped me concentrate. He got the Ritalin from his violin teacher and generously gave it to me. Sukkot is around the corner. What do we celebrate during the Feast of Tabernacles? So the Feast of Tabernacles Alright. They tried to kill us but we won and then we had dinner. Simon prepared something. He knows the whole song of songs by heart. In Hebrew. Simon? Behold, you are beautiful my love. Behold, beautiful like a pair of grapes are your eyes behind the veil. Your hair is like a flock of goats which run down the Gilead. Your lips are like scarlet ribbons and your mouth graceful. Your temple behind the veil is like a piece of pomegranate. Your two breasts are like gazelle twins pasturing between anemones. Your stature is beautiful, my love, and that Thank you Simon. It was very impressive. Wandering through the desert, the Hebrew had no huts, no shelter. That’s what the Feast of Tabernacles reminds us of. These brave boys from New Guinea receive cuts with a small knife, which makes them a man in the eyes of their tribe. Now he is a true warrior. Yes please? I have to talk to my son. Help, Mrs Kohler! He wants to get him for the circumcision. Simon, what’s going on? He’ll be right back, Mrs Kohler. Do you like spreading lies about me? Or was that supposed to be a joke? Well it’s not funny Simon. Love isn’t a fair game. What? ‘My wife and I are only in a small slump.’ Bull. I know exactly who you want. And who’s that? We love the same woman. Bloody hell Simon. You are twelve. Rebecca is double your age. What do you think will happen between you two? Why do you care? Forget about her. I don’t need advice from you. No woman stays with you. Why can’t you just watch os like every boy your age or watch one of the girls from your class changing. You don’t have anything to say? Frank, Frank, Frank. It’s not like we whip ourselves for every triviality like our catholic friends. But you really took a misstep. Used toiletries. You have to think of that first. In over years as a psychiatrist Half of it as a chief physician